2019 SESDA Publications

Was the Sun a Slow Rotator? – Sodium and Potassium Constraints from the Lunar Regolith
Saxena, P. P., Killen, R. M., Airapetian, V., Petro, N. E., and Mandell, A., 2019, ApJ (Letters), 876, L16.

Effect of Star Rotation Rates on the Characteristics of Energetic Particle Events
Fu, S., Jiang, J., Airapetian, V., Hu, J., Li, G., and Zank, G., 2019, ApJ (Letters), in press.

Initiation of Carrington-scale Superflares and Coronal Mass Ejections from Kappa Ceti
Lynch, B. J., Airapetian, V.., Kazachenko, M. D., Lüftinger, T., DeVore, C.R. and W. P. Abbett, W. P., 2019, ApJ, in press.

A Model for Energy Buildup and Eruption Onset in Coronal Mass Ejections
Dahlin, J.T., Antiochos, S.K., and DeVore, C.R., ApJ, submitted.

Titan Surface Temperatures during the Cassini Mission
Jennings, D. E., Tokano, T., Cottini, V., Nixon, C. A., Achterberg, R. K., Flasar, F. M., Kunde, V. G., Romani, P. N., Samuelson, R. E., Segura, M. E., Gorius, N. J. P., Guandique, E., Kaelberer, M. S., Coustenis, A., 2019 May 20, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 877:L8

The Space Physics Environment Data Analysis System (SPEDAS)
Angelopoulos, V., et al., 2019, Space Sci Rev, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11214-018-0576-4

Impact of Space Weather on Climate and Habitability of Terrestrial Type Exoplanets
Airapetian, V.S., et al., 2019, International Journal of Astrobiology, submitted.