2020 SESDA Conferences

AwesomeCon Virtual Exhibit Hall
December 8, 2020 – March 8, 2021

  • To the Moon with NASA!, Tiedeken, S.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific 2020, virtual conference
December 3-5, 2020

  • #ObserveTheMoon 2020: Virtual Engagement Tactics and Takeaways, Barry, C.

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting
Virtual Meeting – December 1-17, 2020

  • Calibrating Optical Distortions in the Solar Orbiter SPICE Spectrograph, Thompson, W. T., Schuele, U., Young, P., et al.
  • Update on Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) Data Archives and Services, Candey, R.M., et al.
  • A Fresh Look at Jovian Decametric Radio Emission Occurrence Probabilities in the CML-Io Phase Plane, Typinsky, D., et al.
  • Connecting the Low to High Corona: Tracking Outwards Propagating Small-Scale Structures Using EUV and Coronagraph Observations, Alzate, N., Seaton, D.B., Morgan, H., and Viall, N.M.
  • Validating WSA-ADAPT Solar Wind Predictions Using Baseline Models, Staeben, J.H., Arge, N., and Jones, S.I.

American Physical Society (APS) Mid-Atlantic Section Meeting
Virtual Meeting – December 4-6, 2020

  • Trigger Shy? A ‘Rosetta Stone’ Solar Eruption, Mason, E.I., Antiochos, S.K., and Vourlidas, A.

European Space Weather Symposium
Virtual Meeting – November 2-6, 2020

  • Modernizing Simulation Services and Accelerating R2O2R at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC): Next-Generation Continuous Runs Framework, Didigu, C.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Meeting
Virtual Meeting – October 9-14, 2020 

Maryland Library Association (MLA) Meeting
Virtual Meeting – October 6-8, 2020

GSFC Engage Session
Virtual Meeting – September 23, 2020

  • Observing the Sun, Ng, C.Y.

51st Solar Physics Division (SPD) Meeting
Virtual Meeting – August 18-19, 2020

  • Trigger Shy? Flare-less Active Region Circular Prominence Eruption, Mason, E.I, Antiochos, S.K., and Vourlidas, A.

NSSEC Annual Face-to-Face
Virtual Meeting – August 5-6, 2020

236th American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting
Virtual Meeting – June 1-3, 2020

  • Magnetic Origins of Cool Plasma in the Sun’s Corona, Mason, E.I.

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly
Virtual Meeting – May 4-8, 2020

  • High-Resolution Three-Dimensional MHD Simulations of Plasmoid Formation in Eruptive Flares, Dahlin, J.T., Antiochos, S.K., and DeVore, C. R.
  • Observations and Simulations of Reconnecting Current Sheets in the Solar Corona, Antiochos, S.K., Kumar, P, Karpen, J., and Dahlin, J.

TEC2020 Conference
Virtual Meeting – March-April, 2020

  • Aligning Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility Priorities in NASA’s STEAM Innovation Lab, Ng, C.Y.

Open Planetary Virtual Conference (OPVC)
June 23 2020

  • Creating a PDS4 Archive, Sheri Loftin

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)
New Orleans, LA – April 5-10, 2020

  • Using Innovative Technologies to Support STEM Teaching and Learning, Christensen, R., Cline, T., Odenwald,,S., Thomas, A., and Knezek, G.
  • EDUsummIT Symposium SITE 2020 – Learners and Learning Contexts, Shonfeld, M., Knezek, G., Starkey , L., Christensen , R., Henriksen , D., Henderson , M., Williamson-Leadley , S., Ng , C., Butler, D., Leahy , M., Twinning, P., Phillips, M., and Yildiz, M.

Death Valley Sky Festival
Death Valley, CA – February 20-24, 2020

NASA Space Exploration Educators Conference (SSEC)
Houston, TX – February 5-9, 2020

Solar Orbiter Science Operations Working Group
Madrid, Spain – January 19-24, 2020

American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Honolulu, HI – January 4-8, 2020

  • Stellar Activity and Parker Solar Probe: Coronal Mass Ejection on 2018 November 11 as seen by Parker Solar Probe, Koreck, K.E. et al.