2020 SESDA Conferences

Open Planetary Virtual Conference (OPVC)
June 23 2020

  • Creating a PDS4 Archive, Sheri Loftin

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)
New Orleans, LA – April 5-10, 2020

  • Using Innovative Technologies to Support STEM Teaching and Learning, Christensen, R., Cline, T., Odenwald,,S., Thomas, A., and Knezek, G.
  • EDUsummIT Symposium SITE 2020 – Learners and Learning Contexts, Shonfeld, M., Knezek, G., Starkey , L., Christensen , R., Henriksen , D., Henderson , M., Williamson-Leadley , S., Ng , C., Butler, D., Leahy , M., Twinning, P., Phillips, M., and Yildiz, M.

Death Valley Sky Festival
Death Valley, CA – February 20-24, 2020

NASA Space Exploration Educators Conference (SSEC)
Houston, TX – February 5-9, 2020

Solar Orbiter Science Operations Working Group
Madrid, Spain – January 19-24, 2020

American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Honolulu, HI – January 4-8, 2020

  • Stellar Activity and Parker Solar Probe: Coronal Mass Ejection on 2018 November 11 as seen by Parker Solar Probe, Koreck, K.E. et al.