SESDA Publishing Guidelines

Use Form 1676 for Scientific and Technical Information (STI) to be published, released, or presented external to NASA or presented at internal meetings or conferences at which foreign nationals may be present. Here you may find a link to the PDF form.

For all external publications, NASA requires compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and numerous other regulations. NASA Web sites have additional requirements such as compliance with the Rehabilitation Act, Section 508.

There are special rules regarding the use of surveys, the review and approval of papers and presentations to be published or presented at conferences, etc. Software and hardware inventions must be approved for release by NASA's Inventions and Contributions Board and approved through NASA's Export Control Program.

Information for Those Creating Print and Multimedia Products

Content Management Review System – NASA Strategic Communications Office

The CMR process was established to implement unifying elements, such as key messages and design standards, in all NASA-funded communications material. Whether the intended audience is internal (NASA employees and on-site contractors), external or both, materials are reviewed only on a macro level. This review is to ensure consistency throughout the Agency of the above mentioned elements and does not include a content review. The goal is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of NASA communications. For more information, see Background Material. This web site for those at a NASA Center is your resource for relevant information regarding the CMR and its role in NASA's communication strategy.

The CMR system provides an electronic method to review and approve material. In addition, it creates a database which will also provide metrics necessary for future planning.

This CMR is available to all within the NASA internal network, especially those who are involved with the creation, approval, publication, and management of NASA communications.

Submitting material

Please remember that all material that is NASA-funded needs to be reviewed and approved through the CMR process, regardless of target audience. Again, the review is to ensure that the Agency standards for consistency of material – of unifying elements only, not content – are implemented. Therefore, please be sure that content information has already been approved for technical and editorial accuracy before submitting to this system. If your product is an educational material, it must pass the Office of Education Product Review Process prior to submission for design approval. Please contact your Center Education Office for more information.

What does not need to be submitted at this time:

  • Press releases and NTV video files
  • Business letters or e-mail correspondence
  • Technical papers or poster sessions for a technical audience