2017 SESDA Conferences

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting
New Orleans, LA – December 11–15, 2017

  • The Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager (FOXSI) SMEX Mission, Christe, S., et al.
  • Anticipated Results from the FOXSI SMEX Mission, Christe, S., et al.
  • Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in the Earth’s Ionosphere Synchronized with Solar Flare Emission, Hayes, L., Gallagher, P.T., McCauley, J., Dennis, B.R., Ireland, J., and Inglis, A.
  • Understanding the Usage of the Helioviewer Project Clients and Services, Ireland, J., et al.
  • Detection of 3-Minute Oscillations in Full-Disk Lyman-alpha Emission During A Solar Flare, Milligan, R. O., Fleck, B., Ireland, J., Fletcher, L., and Dennis, B.R.
  • 3D Visualization of Solar Data: Preparing for Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe, Mueller, D., et al.
  • SunPy: Python for Solar Physics, Bobra. M., et al.
  • The Role of Three-dimensional Transport in Driving Enhanced Electron Acceleration during Magnetic Reconnection, Swisdak, M., Dahlin, J.T., and Drake, J.F.
  • A New MHD/kinetic Model for Exploring Energetic Particle Production in Macro-scale System, Drake, J.F., Swisdak, M., and Dahlin, J.T.
  • First Demonstration of a Coronal Mass Ejection Driven by Helicity Condensation, Dahlin, J.T., Antiochos, S.K., and DeVore, R.C.
  • Are “Habitable” Exoplanets Really Habitable? –A Perspective from Atmospheric Loss, Dong, C., et al.
  • The Effects of Thermal Non-Equilibrium on a Helmet Streamer, Schlenker, M,. Antiochos, S.K., and MacNeice, P.
  • Modeling Sodium Abundance Variations in the Lunar Crust: A Likely Proxy of Past Solar System History and a Potential Guide to Close-In Rocky Exoplanets, Saxena, P., Killen, R.M., Petro, N.E., Airapetian, V., and Mandell, A.
  • Plasma Turbulence in Earth’s Magnetotail Observed by the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, Mackler, D.A., Avanov, L.A., Boardsen, S.A., and Pollock, C.J.
  • Magnetospheric Multiscale Observations of Turbulent Magnetic and Electron Velocity Fluctuations in Earth’s Magnetosheath: Kappa Distribution Characterization, Pollock, C.J., et al.
  • Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission Observations of Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Earth’s Plasma Sheet, Slavin, J.A., et al.
  • MMS Observations of Vorticity near Sites of Magnetic Reconnection, Giles, B., et al.
  • Through the Eyes of NASA: NASA’s 2017 Eclipse Education Program, Mayo, L.
  • Automatic Near-Real-Time Detection of CMEs in Mauna Loa K-Cor Coronagraph Images, Thompson, W.T, St Cyr, O.C., Burkepile, J.T., and Posner, A.
  • Observations of 50/60 Hz Power Line Radiation in the Low Latitude Ionosphere Detected by the Electric Field Instrument on the C/NOFS Satellite, Pfaff, R.F, Freudenreich, H.T., Simoes, F., Liebrecht, C.M., and Farrell, W.
  • Galactic Cosmic-ray Electrons in the Heliosheath from Voyager 1 Observations, Cummings, A.C., Webber, W.R., Stone, E.C, Heikkila, B.C., and Lal, N.
  • The Jovian Magnetodisc Mapped at High Latitude by the Juno Spacecraft, Spalsbury, L.C., Vogt, M.F., and Connerney, J.E.P.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific 129th Annual Meeting
St Louis, MO – December 5-8, 2017

  • Eclipses and Exoplanets, Personalizing the Search for Other Worlds, Wasser, M., Mitchell, S., Eyermann, S., and Mattson, B.

Solar Orbiter SPICE Team Meeting
Abingdon, England – November 14-16, 2017

Habitable Worlds 2017: A System Science Workshop
Laramie, Wyoming – November 13-17, 2017

  • Atmospheric Beacons of Life from Exoplanets around G-M Dwarfs, Airapetian, V., Jackman, C.H., Mlynczak, M., Danchi, W.D., and Hunt, L.
  • Are “Habitable” Exoplanets Really Habitable? A Perspective from Atmospheric Loss, Dong, C. et al.

Joint Space-Science Institute (JSI) Workshop
Annapolis, MD – November 6-9, 2017

Large Installation System Administration (LISA) Conference
San Francisco, CA – October 29-November 3, 2017

Maker Faire
Calgary, Canada – October 27-30, 2017

Heliophysics Education Consortium Face to Face Meeting
NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD – October 24-26, 2017

59th Annual Meeting of APS Division of Plasma Physics (DPP)
Milwaukee, WI – October 23-27, 2017

  • Electron Heating and Acceleration during Magnetic Reconnection, Dahlin, J.

STEAM Carnival
Dallas, Ft Worth – October 22-25, 2017

American Astronomical Society/Division for Planetary Science (DPS) Meeting
Provo, UT – October 15-20, 2017

  • Eclipse 2017: Through the Eyes of NASA, Mayo, L.

NumFOCUS Summit and Sustainability Workshop
Austin, TX – October 10-11, 2017

2017 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM – October 9-12, 2017

Parker Solar Probe Science Working Group Joint Meeting
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD – October 2-6, 2017

  • Community Data Analysis Challenges in the Era of the Parker Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter and DKIST, Ireland, J. and Kirk, M.S.

MMS Science Working Team/Science Working Group Meeting
Portland, ME – October 1-4, 2017

HawaiiCon 2017
Kona, HI – September 14-17, 2017

Rocks and Stars Workshop
Gottingen, Germany – September 13-16, 2017

  • Toward Improving Space Weather Predictions Based on Low-Frequency Radio Emissions, Cremades, H.

American Astronomical Society/Solar Physics Division (SPD) Meeting
Portland, OR – August 21–26, 2017

  • After the Fall: The RHESSI Legacy Archive, Schwartz, R.A., Zarro, D.M., and Tolbert, K.T.
  • Thermal Time Evolution of Non-Flaring Active Regions Determined by SDO/AIA, Wright, P.J., Hannah, I., Viall, N., MacKinnon, A., Ireland, J., and Bradshaw, S.
  • Searching for Evidence of Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar Flares Using the AFINO Code, Inglis, A., Ireland, J., Dennis, B.R., Hayes, L.A., and Gallagher, P.T.
  • Probing the Smallest Solar Scales Available in AIA, Kirk, M., Ireland, J., and Young, C.A.
  • Improving Our Understanding of the 3D Coronal Evolution of CME Propagation, Hess Webber, S. A., Thompson, B. J., Ireland, J., and Kwon, R. Y.
  • Driving Solar Eruptions via Helicity Condensation, Dahlin, J.T., Antiochos, S.K., and DeVore, C.R.
  • SunPy 0.8 – Python for Solar Physic, Inglis, A., et al.
  • Automatic Near-real-time Detection of CMEs in Mauna Loa K-Cor Coronagraph Images Thompson, W.T., St. Cyr, O.C., Burkepile, J., and Posner, A.
  • Study of the Global Corona Evolution From the Minimum to Maximum of Solar cycle 24 Using 3D Coronal Electron Density Reconstructions with STEREO/COR1, Wang, T., Reginald, N.L., Davila, J., St. Cyr, O.C., and Thompson, W.T.

2017 Annual Astronomy 101 Teaching Summit
Fort Myers, FL – August 7-9, 2017

  • Leveraging Celestial Events to Teach Astronomy, Mayo, L.

First International Workshop on Small Satellites for Solar and Space Weather Research and Forecasting
Washington, DC – August 1-4, 2017

  • Enhancements of the Compact Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer for Measuring Atmospheric Composition on the Dellingr, ExoCube, and petitSat Mission, Jones, S., Paschalidis. N., Rodriguez, M., Sittler, E., Chornay, D., Uribe, P., and Cameron, T.

21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute
Philadelphia, PA – July 25-27, 2017

Solar Heliospheric and Interplanetary Environment (SHINE) Meeting
Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada – July 24-28, 2017

  • The 2012 November 20 Impulsive SEP Event: Likely Sources and Their Properties, Ireland, J.

American Association of Physics Teachers Conference
Cincinnati, OH – July 22-26, 2017

National Science Teachers Association Conference Expo
Kissimmee, FL – July 12-14, 2017

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
San Antonio, TX – June 24-28, 2017

American Library Association Conference
Chicago, IL – June 22-27, 2017

American Astronomical Society (AAS) Meeting
Austin, TX – June 4-8, 2017

  • Examining Moderate Volatile Loss through Lunar History, Saxena, P., Killen, R.M., Airapetian, V. Petro, N., and Mandell, A.

Star-Planet Interaction Meeting
Rice University Houston, TX – May 16-18, 2017

  • Space Weather: Good, Bad and Ugly, Airapetian, V.

Maker Faire
San Francisco, CA – May 16-17, 2017

AAS Conference “Radio Exploration of Planetary Habitability”
Palm Springs, CA – May 7-12, 2017

  • Space Weather Affected Habitable Zones around Active Stars, Airapetian, V.

International Astrobiology Conference
Mesa, AZ – April 24-28, 2017

  • Space Weather Affected Habitable Zones, Airapetian, V.

19th EGU General Assembly, EGU201
Vienna, Austria – April 23-28, 2017

  • Correlation between Ceres’ Water Vapor Detections and Energetic Solar Proton Events, Villarreal, M.N., Russell, C.T., Luhmann, J.G., Thompson, W.T., and Prettyman, T.H.

New York University Astrophysics and Cosmology Seminar
New York University, New York City, NY – April 19-21, 2017

  • The Helioviewer Project: Enabling Solar Data Visualization for Everyone, Ireland, J.

International CCMC-LWS Working Meeting
Cape Canaveral, FL – April 4-7, 2017

Solar Orbiter 7th Workshop
Granada, Spain – April 3-6, 2017

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 28th International Meeting
Austin, TX – March 5 – 9, 2017

International Space Science Institute (ISSI) – The Early Evolution of the Atmospheres of Earth, Venus, and Mars
Bern, Switzerland – March 28-April 1, 2017

Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop
Washington, DC – February 27-28, 2017

  • Detecting the Beacons of Life with Exo-Life Beacon Space Telescope (ELBST), Airapetian, V., Danchi, W. C., Chen, P. C., Rabin, D. M., Carpenter, K. G., and Mlynczak, M. G.
  • A Future Mars Environment for Science and Exploration, Green, J. L., Hollingsworth, J., Brain, D., Airapetian, V., Pulkkinen, A., Dong, C., and Bamford, R.

AAS Eclipse 2017 Workshop
Columbia, SC – March 31-April 1, 2017

National Science Teachers Association Conference
Los Angeles, CA – March 30-April 2, 2017

48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Woodland, TX – March 20-24, 2017

  • Solar Energetic Proton Events as the Source of the Transient Exosphere of Ceres, Villarreal, M. N., Russell, C. T., Luhmann, J. G., Thompson, W. T., Prettyman, T. H., A’Hearn, M., Kueppers, M., and O’Rourke, L.

MMS Science Working Team Meeting
Key West, FL – February 27-March 3, 2017

American Camp Association
Albuquerque, NM – February 21-24, 2017

WGBH Boston Heliophysics Education Consortium Meeting
Boston, MA – February 15-17, 2017

American Meteorological Society Meeting
Seattle, WA – January 21-26, 2017