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  • SESDA Supports Successful Rocket Launch From Norway

ADNET Systems Inc. has been awarded the Space and Earth Science Data Analysis (SESDA-V) contract by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to support the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland. SESDA-V is a five-year cost-plus fixed-fee contract with a total potential value of approximately $342 million.

Under SESDA-V, ADNET will provide a broad range of services to support Earth and Space science research and development, data operations, as well as activities in information system technologies, engineering, and science communication, education and public outreach that enable the Sciences and Exploration Directorate to successfully carry out its science missions at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

SESDA is the premier Space and Earth science contract at GSFC and this award represents the fourth consecutive time ADNET Systems has been selected for this prestigious contract. More than 300 scientists, engineers, IT professionals, and education outreach specialists support the SESDA contract across a broad range of science disciplines, including solar and space plasma physics, astrophysics and astronomy, planetary studies, atmospheric science and climatology, oceanography, land processes, geodynamics, and solid earth geographics. “All of us at ADNET are pleased and excited to continue our partnership with NASA and we are thrilled to be selected as the SESDA contractor for the fourth time.” said Ashok Jha, President and CEO of ADNET.

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GISS Hosts GSFC Leadership

December 28, 2022

GISS has been in the news again – 2 weeks after supporting the NASA administrator’s visit, GISS hosted GSFC leadership including Dennis Andrucyk, the Director of GSFC. ADNET staff and GISS’ FOM Sabrina Hosein organized both visits, improvising a presentation space in the midst of our building renovations that showed GISS in its best light.

SESDA Supports Artemis I Mission

December 12, 2022

The Moon to Mars (M2M) Space Weather Analysis Office is supporting the Artemis I mission by monitoring space weather conditions and providing expert analysis to NASA’s Space Radiation Analysis Group (SRAG). M2M is running various models and software as part of the Integrated Solar Energetic Proton Alert/Warning System (ISEP) project and has a dedicated space weather analyst who is monitoring and interpreting the model outputs around the clock. SESDA staff and M2M partners are providing 24/7 support to ensure that these models are running properly and ensuring that any downtime is minimal, so that there are continuous space weather analyses in support of the mission.

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