2021 SESDA Conferences

238th American Astronomical Society (AAS) Solar Physics Division Meeting

Virtual Meeting – June 7-9, 2021

  • Comparing a Heliospheric SWCX Model’s Predictions to HaloSat Observations, Ringuette, R., Koutroumpa, D., Kuntz, K. D., Kaaret, P., Jahoda, K., LaRocca, D., Kounkel, M., Richardson, J., Zajczyk, A., and Bluem, K.
  • Calibrating Optical Distortions in The Solar Orbiter Spice Spectrograph, Thompson, W., Schühle, U., and Young, P.

Japanese Geophysical Union Meeting
Virtual Meeting – May 30 – June 3, 2021

  • Modeling Ionization Radiation Outputs from Planet Hosts: Coronal X-ray/EUV and Wind Mass Fluxes of k1 Ceti, Airapetian, V.S.

Solar Flare Energy Release (SolFER) Conference
Virtual Meeting – May 24-26, 2021

  • Temporal Evolution of the Guide Field in Eruptive Flares, Dahlin, J. T., Antiochos, S. K., Qiu, J., DeVore, C. R.

Conference on Applications of Statistical Methods and Machine Learning in the Space Sciences
Virtual Meeting – May 17-21, 2021

  • Identification of Flux Rope Orientation via Neural Networks, Narock, T., dos Santos, L.F, Narock, A., and Nieves-Chinchilla, T.
  • How Flux Rope Signatures are Impacted by Magnetic Field Fluctuations. A Machine Learning Approach, dos Santos L.F, Narock, A., Narock, T., Nieves-Chinchilla, T., and Uritsky, V.

SPICE Consortium
Virtual Meeting – May 11-12, 2021

Heliophysics 2050 Workshop
Virtual Meeting – May 3-7, 2021

  • The Sun-Earth Connection as a Single System: Data Analysis and Processing Needs of Current and Future Missions Alzate, Alzate, N., Seaton, D., Kirk, M., Morgan, H., Matteo, S. Di., Thompson, B., Higginson, A., Toma, G. De., Arge, C.N., Ireland, J., and Cauzzi, G.
  • Ethical AI and Responsible Data Science for Heliophysics, Narock A.A., Thompson B.J., McLarney E.L., Kirk M.S., Bard C.M., Dorelli J.C., and Mcgranaghan R.M.
  • The Discipline of HelioAnalytics, Bard C.M., Dorelli J.C., Kirk M.S., McGranaghan R.M., Narock A.A., and Thompson B.J.

AAS Eclipse Workshop
Virtual Meeting – April 9-10, 2021

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)
San Diego, California, March 29-April 2, 2021

AAS Habitable Worlds
Virtual Meeting – February 22-26, 2021

  • Modeling Ionizing Radiation Outputs from Planet Hosts: Coronal X-ray/EUV and Wind Mass Fluxes of k1 Ceti, Airapetian, V.S, Jin, M., Lueftinger, T., Boro Saikia, S., Kochukhov, O, and van der Holst, B.
  • Modeling X-ray and EUV driven Hydrodynamics Escape from Earth-like (magnetized and unmagnetized) Exoplanets with Exo-GITM, Bell, J., Airapetian, V.S, and Glocer, A.
  • Modeling Atmospheric Escape from Magnetized Rocky Exoplanets With (Exo) Planetary Ionosphere-Thermosphere Tool for Research (ExoPLANET-ITTR), Kang, S., Glocer, A., Airapetian, V. S., and Danchi, W.

Second AI and Data Science Workshop for Earth and Space Sciences
Virtual Meeting, Jet Propulsion Laboratory – February 9-11, 2021

  • Compressed Image Artifact Removal: Improving Instrument Data Quality After Lossy Compression, da Silva, D., Barrie, A., Thompson, B., Narock, A., and Kirk, M.

Virtual Meeting – January 31, 2021

  • NASA Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) Archives and the Heliophysics Data Environment and International Heliophysics Data Environment Alliance, Candey, R., et al.