Space and Earth Science Data Analysis (SESDA)

SESDA provides the development and use of scientific computer systems, engineering data analysis systems, engineering efforts that develop new technologies for scientific instrumentation, software application development and implementation, and computer system management for Science Exploration research at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

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Scope and Purpose

SESDA services support a broad range of science disciplines, including solar and space plasma physics, astrophysics and astronomy, planetary studies, atmospheric science and climatology, oceanography, land processes, geodynamics, and solid earth geographics.

Research and information technology services includes scientific data analysis; modeling and simulation of physical processes; development of flight project data systems, including field experiments, development of large-scale data management, archival and delivery systems, systems analysis, and programming; and includes engineering, technology, development and research network engineering.

Meet Team ADNET

TEAM ADNET comprises ADNET Systems, Inc., Telophase Corp., KBR, Hexagon US Federal, Element 84, and STC, companies well-known and respected in Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and throughout NASA. Each of these team members have long-term, proven performance at a variety of NASA facilities.

ADNET Systems, Inc. is a premier Small Business government solutions provider with an outstanding 32-year partnership with GSFC customers and stakeholders. Our GSFC and NASA history revolves around SESDA-V core competencies including space & Earth science support, and IT solutions. We have already enjoyed a successful 17 year run as prime contractor on the preceding SESDA-II, -III, and -IV contracts.

Together, ADNET and our partners form a strong, united team armed with critical resources and assets central to the next generation of SESDA success. Each member of our Team is personally committed both to enhancing the mission of each of our customers and to upholding our professional, contractual and moral obligations to our staff. As a result, TEAM ADNET strives for total satisfaction of NASA, GSFC, its customers, and other NASA organizations and stakeholders that will be supported individually and collectively under the SESDA-V contract. To this end, we pledge our commitment to excellence and mission success.

Ashok Jha, President, ADNET Systems, Inc.