AP094 Senior Full Stack Developer

We are seeking a highly skilled Full Stack Developer to join our Multi-Mission Time-Domain Astrophysics Infrastructure team at NASA. This role calls for a committed individual who will help in expanding APIs for access to NASA science data and services, enhancing real-time notifications, creating web applications in Node.js, and developing scientific Python packages. A significant part of the role will also encompass tasks such as triaging and assigning issues and reviewing pull request on GitHub. The role requires an individual who has a keen interest in continuous learning, possesses exceptional collaboration skills, and is committed to delivering high-quality work.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Actively contribute to open source, team-oriented projects. This involves managing GitHub issues, reviewing pull requests, and automating testing and deployment workflows using GitHub Actions.
  • Architect and implement APIs for programmatic access to NASA open data.
  • Design and build UX for NASA science web applications.
  • Expand application-to-person and application-to-application notifications using Apache Kafka.
  • Develop test suites for web applications, write and edit technical documentation, and maintain configuration control using tools such as Git.
  • Enhance and broaden the scope of Python tools and Node.js web apps by working across different languages and frameworks.


  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of seven (7) years of relevant experience.
  • Proven experience in software development within industry, research, or educational settings.
  • Proficiency with relational and document databases, including PostgreSQL and DynamoDB.
  • Extensive experience in full-stack development with JavaScript, Node.js, Svelt, or React.
  • US Citizenship or Permanent Residency required.


  • Bachelors Degree in Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Engineering.
  • Proficiency in TypeScript and Python.
  • Experience with OpenID Connect, Kafka, and/or Jupyter deployment.
  • Experience with AWS, CloudFormation, and/or Terraform.

This position is with our teammate Telophase Corp: https://telophase.com/careers/job-openings/