2018 SESDA Publications

Sensitivity Monitoring of the SECCHI COR1 Telescopes on STEREO
Thompson, W. T., 2018, Solar Phys., 293, 49.

AWARE: An Algorithm for the Automated Characterization of EUV Waves in the Solar Atmosphere
Ireland, J., Inglis, A. R., Shih, A. Y., Christe, S., Mumford, S., Hayes, L. A., Thompson, B. J., and Hughitt, V. K., 2018 Solar Phys., submitted.

On the Performance of Multi-Instrument Solar Flare Observations during Solar Cycle 24
Milligan, O.R, and Ireland, J., 2018, Sol. Phys, 293, 18.

Atmospheric Beacons of Life from Exoplanets around G and K Stars
Airapetian, V., Jackman, C.H., Mlynczak, M. G. Danchi, W.C., and Hunt, L., 2018, Nature Scientific Reports, eprint arXiv:1801.05341.