Goddard Division Awards

July 10, 2018

GOES-R launch
Haley Reed received a Goddard Code 100 Peer Award from the Center Director on July 10, 2018. Here is an excerpt from her citation: “Haley is a team player and capable manager, even when she’s faced with new or intensified situations. During the Parker Solar Probe Media Day, Haley’s resourcefulness and can-do attitude ensured a seamless and successful event. She handles media requests of all kinds with patience and care, ensuring that NASA Goddard science is shared with the world in meaningful ways every single day”.

Michelle Smith received a Code 400 Peer Award. An excerpt from her citation reads: “…Michelle Smith was the focal point of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) – R Series communications team over the past year during which the Program put the first GOES-R satellite into operational service; brought dozens of meteorological and environmental data products into use for forecasters; and launched the second satellite of the series, GOES-S…Thanks to Michelle’s efforts, GOES-R has more than 35,000 Facebook followers and our content has reached over 7,000,000 people!”

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