HP039 Scientific Software Developer

ADNET Systems, Inc. has an opening for a Scientific Software Developer to support the Helioviewer (https://helioviewer.org) project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in developing data processing algorithms to improve the quality of images derived from current and future Heliophysics missions (e.g. SOHO, STEREO, SDO, Solar Orbiter). 

The aim of the Helioviewer project is to enable exploration of the Sun and the inner heliosphere via intuitive interfaces and novel technology.   The primary focus of this position is to improve the experience of those using Helioviewer Project services by processing instrument and other data to produce more accurate images for visualization and scientific analysis. An example of such an improvement is to reprocess coronagraph observations using newly available background images and regenerate higher quality JPEG2000 images. Additional duties of the position include: developing and maintaining highly automated data processing pipelines to incorporate images from legacy (e.g. TRACE) missions and new missions; working with external partners to expand Helioviewer to support new data types (e.g. spectroscopic); testing and evaluating new image processing algorithms; and improving automated process monitoring and reporting methods.  

Required Experience:

  • 2+ years developing scientific data processing software using Interactive Data Language (IDL). Equivalent experience using MatLab will be considered.
  • 2+ years  using Linux or Mac OS.

Desired Experience:

  • Python in a scientific environment.
  • Software version control systems (e.g. Git/GitHub).
  • Satellite sensor data processing and analysis.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Physical Sciences, Computer Science, or Engineering.  

US Citizenship or Permanent Residence is required.