HP038 Junior Scientific Software Developer

We are seeking a junior scientific software developer to support the Heliospheric Physics Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.  


  • Develop and maintain Interactive Data Language (IDL) software to perform data processing, visualization, and analysis of observations from NASA space science missions such as DSCOVR, Wind, and Parker Solar Probe.
  • Investigate the application of modern machine learning (ML) techniques to improve the analysis and interpretation of heliospheric observations and magnetospheric phenomena.
  • Assist with the research activities of Laboratory scientists.
  • Support the development of Web interfaces serving Heliospheric and magnetospheric data products to the scientific community.


  • 1+ years software development using IDL. Equivalent experience using high-level languages such as MATLAB will be considered.
  • 1+ years software development using Python.
  • 1+ years Web development using HTML/PHP (desired).
  • Understanding of ML concepts and techniques through coursework and/or work experience (desired).

  Education: BS in Computer Science or Physical Sciences.  

US Citizenship or Permanent Residence is required.