ES173 NASA Missions Science Writing and Outreach Support

With a focus on engaging the broad public in NASA’s Earth science mission, the contractor will develop Earth Sciences feature stories and associated digital and social media content with a concentration on Goddard Space Flight Center, including work related to Goddard flight projects such as PACE and Landsat 9. The contractor will contribute Goddard-related content to NASA-wide Earth-themed communications campaigns, and work with the Goddard Office of Communications to help craft and deploy strategic communications in support of Goddard’s goals and priorities. The contractor will collaborate with scientists to translate technical content for public consumption.

Specifically the contractor will:

• Develop written web and digital content for Goddard Earth science missions and field campaigns (as required by the ATR) and; work with the communications groups at NASA centers with Earth science missions to enhance the messaging around the Earth Systematic Missions Program portfolio, and; as needed, can assist with printed material, brochures, fact sheets, lithographs, reference documents, and conference exhibits.

• Develop Earth Science feature stories with concentration on Goddard Space Flight Center, including GPM, Landsat, PACE, ICESat-2, and ESMP missions at other NASA centers. Develop web content for NASA sites as well as press releases and articles based on Earth Science Mission activities, research and development. Support NASA’s agencywide Earth science communications efforts, as directed by NASA Headquarters Office of Communications and Earth Science Division

• Work closely with a video producer funded by Goddard’s Earth Sciences Division to ensure that Goddard’s science is well represented in HQ-led communications campaigns with written and social media content

• At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Science journalism and strong oral and written communication skills, including the ability to relate technical concepts to non-technical audiences
• A background in Earth Science or Earth Science journalism is desired. He or she should be able to work with relatively little supervision, and to work effectively as part of a team
• At least 2 years’ experience writing about science is required
• US Citizenship or Greencard is required

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